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Smart home. Do it yourself

Do you like to make things by yourself? You have a great opportunity to make a smart home with your own hands. It is enough to buy ready-made smart home kit and connect the blocks yourself. For organization of Wi-Fi connection on the executive device, the ESP8266 module is used. The module is programmed to manage one or two independent electrical devices. Communication between the modules goes by means of http protocol. Protocol description.

What is the benefit of our offer? You do not need to purchase a ISP programmer for microcontrollers, learn the details of microcontroller firmware, search for answers in forums, etc. We will prepare for you module which is ready for use. You just connect power supply. Ordering the minimum set you will get the entire set of components. You save both time and money.

If you plan to operate electric lights it is very convenient to have both a wall switch and smart home module. For this purpose the module provides GPIO12 and GPIO5 contacts. By connecting any of these contacts through a wall switch according to the diagram you can turn on/off electric lights. This way you can manage of the lighting both via manual control and through a Wi-Fi network. The GPIO4 contact can be used to connect a DS18B20 temperature sensor, and your module can simultaneously measure ambient temperature and control electrical appliances.

The wiring diagram of the ESP8266 is shown in Fig. 1.

Fig.1. The wiring diagram of the ESP8266

Have any questions? Our technical specialist always help to create your smart house.

When you book installation of the smart house you can count on getting the professional expertise you’re looking for.

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