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How smart home ANDKOM works

The smart home system ANDKOM is designed to make our live more comfortable. It allows to automate all the usual things we do every day. For example, turn on the light in the rooms, turn off the electrical appliances before going to work , etc. But regular device work is still available. If you like to turn on the device with a switch it remains unchanged. But we get the ability to turn the device on and off remotely in addition. For example, by means of mobile phone or computer. An additional advantage is schedule. System sends signal on schedule and manages your appliances. But human still remains the head of his house.

Pic.1. Schema

The microcontroller is embedded either in the appliance itself (for example, in a lamp, electrical tee, switch, curtain, etc.) or installed in an inconspicuous place (for example, in the space between partitions, ceiling, etc.). It is NOT required to repair the wall.

Pic.2. ANDKOM system core

Pic.3. Modules.
Box size 70*70*30 μμ.

I will give just a few simple examples where the system is used.

Child safety
Sometimes we have to turn on electrical appliances through electrical tee and extension cords. Especially often this happens on Holiday, when you need to connect garlands. Children often try to do it themselves. But joking with electricity is not worth it. In order to protect children from electrical outlets, you can use a "smart" extension cord. Children are isolated from a dangerous object. The garland can be controlled via a tablet, phone, computer, etc. If desired, you can configure to switch off the garland on a schedule.

Lighting in the child's bedroom
Children love to fall asleep with the light. And so that the light does not burn for all night, we have to constantly get into the children's bedroom and check whether it is possible to turn off the night light. At the same time we have to do it without rustle in order not to wake the child. And try not to forget to turn off the night light, or it will continue to burn all night. If I know that the child falls asleep at 22 o'clock, then I can set the schedule for switching off the nightlight at 22:10 and no longer think about it. The system turns off the nightlight itself, and you will have less trouble.

Morning rise
We all know how hard it is to get up in the morning in a dark room. You can configure the lamp by the bed on a schedule. For example, turn on at 7 o'clock in the morning and turn off at 7:10. And now, along with the alarm bell, you will have the room lit up.

Watering plants
It is necessary to water the plants at home or in the country every day. But not always we have the opportunity to come to the country. A plant without water dries. How to be? We will set the schedule for the watering: the plants will get water and you do not need to worry about it. But imagine that it started to rain and no additional watering is required. You can remotely connect to the system and manually disable watering at this time.

Wiring in a wooden house
In order to make lighting in a wooden house, it is imperative that you comply with electrical safety requirements. One of these requirements is restrict to lay a wire with a voltage of 220V in a wooden structure without protection. If you decide to use our system you can put very thin wire then to the wall switch through which the control signal with a voltage of only 5V will flow. Such a tension can be safely hidden in any wooden structure. As for ceiling lights you can put the wire according to all safety rules. It does not spoil the design.

The system is built according to the modular principle: one core (green background) and an arbitrary number of modules. The purpose of the core is to trigger the scheduled events and send a signal to the actuator at specified points of time. You can use both a wired connection and wireless (Wi-Fi). Wired connection is recommended to use in cases when guaranteed signal delivery is required and there is no radio interference.

You can set schedule using a browser. The browser can be launched on any device that supports network connectivity. All changes are saved in the database. At the time of the event the core sends control signals to the microcontroller and proper relay switches on/off.

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