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We propose:

  • smart home simple and trouble-free
  • original solutions according to your wishes of automation
  • technical support
  • add functionality of a system considering your idea

Our solution simple for understanding and available at the price.

► Goods and components

You can purchase goods and accessories:

Description Price

Wi-Fi module - the price for 1 piece
39 $

Kernel of a system ANDKOM
195 $

youtubePower Strip Sockets
45 $

Smart plug
45 $

► Minimum set

Ready set for the smart house. It is intended for people who like DIY and for those who just want to try.

Description Price
Wi-Fi module (ESP8266) with a firmware - 1 piece
Power supply adapter, (220B - 5B) - 1 piece
Relay (electromechanical) - 1 piece.
Set of electrocomponents for one module - 1 piece.
19 $
Technical support (e-mail) Free

► Optimal

Ready set, full version.

Description Price
Kernel of a system 195 $
Management system (Web application) Free
Wi-Fi module (the quantity is not limited) - the price for 1 piece 39 $
Build in the smart module into your device - the price for 1 piece. Contractual
Router configuration (if necessary) 11 $
Development of the project 49 $
Technical support (e-mail) Free

► Remote control through Internet - a license fee:

Payment for rent of server capacities. Allows to manage devices via the Internet by means of browser:

Description Price
Wi-Fi module - for 1 piece 0.5 $ a month
The central block (kernel) 1.5 $ a month

► Monthly service

Ordering monthly service you will get:

  • up-to-date software
  • Experience of our specialists

Questions and orders: